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Liv & Leo offers high quality baby shoes in the sizes 0-24 months (US 3-5) that promote healthy foot development with a flexible outsole for crawlers and first walkers. This will give the baby the feeling of walking barefoot while supporting baby's natural balance and muscle growth. Shoes designed by Liv & Leo are high quality leather/ materials baby shoes. Help your baby discover the world while keeping baby's feet protected.

NEW - We are now offering baby shoes with hard outsoles in the sizes toddler US 5-8 

NEW- Find LIV & LEO in Colombia- https://www.mardikcolibri.com/

These are SO CUTE with the fringe in the back and they fit true to size on my 13 month old. They look equally adorable with leggings and t-shirts as they do ruffly dresses. Going to buy a ton more!

by Erin Balsa
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About Us

Christiana Thieler

store owner

Liv & Leo, Inc. was founded by a San Diego mom of 3. Christiana grew up in Europe and follows her European style when designing new baby shoes. With Liv & Leo she created a brand that makes high quality baby footwear 0-24 months available to other parents for a reasonable price. 

Find LIV & LEO also in Colombia: https://www.mardikcolibri.com/